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Lumber & Composite Decking

 30 Union Street, Camden, Maine 04843 | Phone: 207-236-3275
160 Robbins Rd, Hope, Maine 04847 | Phone: 207-763-4171

Lumber & Composite Decking


Customers love the Eastern white pine we sell from Robbins Lumber. Grown and manufactured in Maine, these boards are light, easy to handle, and look great with stain, paint, or lacquer finishes. We also stock Versatex trimboards in various widths and thicknesses.

For construction projects or home renovations of all sizes, Rankin's Hardware is the trusted destination for building supplies in the midcoast Maine area. Contractors and do-it-yourselfers come to Rankin's Hardware for quality name brands and experienced staff who can help with specifying and estimating your construction, home renovation and outdoor living projects.    

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Dimensional Lumber

Dimensional Lumber

We stock various grades of dimensional, pressure treated and untreated lumber ranging in size and species, including cedar, pine, spruce and fir.



Every building projects starts with plywood, and Rankin's Hardware carries a broad selection of plywood, OSB (oriented strand board), MDF, particle board and underlayment, as well as treated, sanded, fire-rated and FSC plywood.

Pressure Treated

Pressure Treated

Pressure treated lumber and engineered, composite woods are long-lasting materials that endure constant exposure to environmental elements like weather, insects and fungal decay. Strong, cost-effective and visually appealing, they are excellent choices for your outdoor projects.

Engineered Wood Products

Engineered Products

We provide the highest-quality joist products, laminated veneer lumber and other engineered wood products with matched depths that work together using fewer pieces and longer lengths to reduce waste.

Composite Wood

Composite Wood

Perfect for outdoor living projects, composite wood is attractive and offers unmatched longevity that needs no painting or staining, and doesn’t rot, crack or splinter. Its versatility enables unique designs, built-in lighting and matching fencing. Made of recycled materials means it’s good for the planet.

Composite Decking

A deck expands your living space and adds an outdoor room to your home. It can be an intimate fireside getaway, a backyard garden or an outdoor kitchen. Adding matching railings and fencing can create privacy, reduce wind and noise, and block unsightly views. Lattice and accessories can add a dramatic, decorative look to your outdoor space. Adding decking tile, seating, lighting and shade are easy updates that can refresh an old deck in a weekend.

Whatever you’re considering, the outdoor living experts at Rankin's Hardware can help you choose from a range of construction materials, as well as exterior paint, stain and finishes. Building a new deck? Go with the timeless look of cedar, the efficiency of pressure treated and composite woods for years of maintenance-free enjoyment.

Whether you need help with design, an estimate or selecting the right building materials and tools, the team at Rankin's Hardware is here to help. Contact us now.

If you’re building a new deck or replacing an old one, we recommend composite decking materials by Duralife, Azek, and Timbertech.

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Plywood Inventory

Plywood 3/8x4x8 1/2x4x8 5/8x4x8 3/4x4x8
Underlayment - CDPTS 3/8x4x8 1/2x4x8 5/8x4x8 3/4x4x8
CDX (Rough 2 Sides) 3/8x4x8 1/2x4x8 5/8x4x8 3/4x4x8
Pressure Treated 1/2x4x8 5/8x4x8 3/4x4x8
Dura Ply - MDO - Good 1 Side 3/8x4x8 1/2x4x8 3/4x4x8
T-1-11 Siding 5/8x4x8
Dura Ply - MDO - Good 2 Sides 3/8x4x8 1/2x4x8 3/4x4x8
Advantech-Waferboard-OSB Zip Wall System Sheathing 1/2x4x8 Square Edge 5/8x4x8 Square 5/8x4x8 T&G 3/4x4x8 T&G 7/16x4x8 OSB WaferBd 1/2x4x8 Zip Wall
Melguard 1/2x4x8 Good 2 Sides 3/4x4x8 Good 2 Sides
Marine Fir (G2S) 1/4x4x8 3/8x4x8 1/2x4x8 3/4x4x8
Lauan 1/8x4x8 1/4x4x8 3/8x4x8 1/2x4x8
Flex Curve - Lauan 3/8x48x96 Long Grain 3/8x96x48 Cross Grain
Bending Poplar 1/8x4x8 Long Grain 1/8x8x4 Cross Grain
Birch 1/4x4x8 A1 1/4x4x8 B4 1/2x4x8 B2 3/4x4x8 Shop Grade C2 3/4x4x8 A1
Baltic Birch 1/8x5x5 (2.7 or 3mm) 1/4x5x5 (5.2 or 5.5 mm) 3/8x5x5 (9mm) 1/2x5x5 (12mm) 3/4x5x5(18mm)
Medium Density Fiberboard 1/4x4x8 3/8x4x8 1/2x4x8 3/4x4x8
Hardboard 1/4x4x8 Tempered
Peg Board 1/8x4x8 Tempered 1/4x4x8 Tempered

If you don't see what you are looking for, please call. There are lots of items available by special order that are not listed.

Lumber Inventory

Strapping 1x3x8 1x3x10 1x3x12 1x3x14 1x3x16
KD Spruce 2x4 2x4x8 2x4x10 2x4x12 2x4x14 2x4x16
KD Spruce 2x6 2x6x8 2x6x10 2x6x12 2x6x14 2x6x16
KD Spruce 2x8 2x8x8 2x8x10 2x8x12 2x8x14 2x8x16
KD Spruce 2x10 2x10x10 2x10x12 2x10x14 2x10x16
KD Spruce 2x12 2x12x10 2x12x12 2x12x14 2x12x16

Pressure Treated SYP

2x2 Balusters 2x2x36"
2x4 2x4x8 2x4x10 2x4x12 2x4x14 2x4x16
2x6 2x6x8 2x6x10 2x6x12 2x6x14 2x6x16
2x8 2x8x8 2x8x10 2x8x12 2x8x14 2x8x16
2x10 2x10x10 2x10x12 2x10x14 2x10x16
2x12 2x12x10 2x12x12 2x12x14 2x12x16
5/4x6 5/4x6x8 5/4x6x10 5/4x6x12 5/4x6x14 5/4x6x16
4x4 4x4x8 4x4x10 4x4x12 4x4x16
4x6 4x6x10 4x6x12 4x6x16
6x6 6x6x8 6x6x10 6x6x12 6x6x16
1x6 1x8x16
1x8 1x8x16
Stair Stringers 3 step 4 step 5 step
Pressure Treated Plywood 1/2"x4'x8' 5/8"x4'x8' 3/4"x4'x8'


Camden Location

30 Union Street
Camden, Maine 04843

Phone: 207-236-3275

Monday to Friday: 6:30 am - 5 pm
Saturday: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sunday: Closed


Hope Location

160 Robbins Road
Hope, Maine 04847

Phone: 207-763-4171

Monday to Friday: 7 am - 5 pm
Saturday: 7 am - 12 pm
Sunday: Closed

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